Do you remember that wedding you attended where all you did was dance, dance and dance some more? I bet it’s safe to say that wedding is on your BEST WEDDINGS list?! Yah, no… probably so!  No matter what your answer is we think that dancing, laughing and allowing your guests to live in the moment are all things that should be under the definition of BEST WEDDING.

If you think about it – dancing allows you to feel free and truly live in the moment, which is something hard to come by these day.  Because let’s face it, we live in a world where we are distracted by some type of electronic, but when your dancing you have to be present. Unless you’re really talented and can do the shopping cart move and text at the same time! If you can do that,  we want to see that 🙂

So in honor of DANCING we are sharing some videos that will bring you back to that wedding that left you saying “that was the best wedding ever!” Enjoy!


Have a great day!

The NuImage Team!



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