The Top Mistakes Engaged Couples Make When Booking Entertainment

Bust a move

Entertainment is a very important element of a wedding. Yet so many couples make these common mistakes

when hiring a wedding DJ:

1. Hiring a friend to DJ. Entrust your wedding entertainment to professionals who will not just play good music, but interact with your guests and ensure that everyone has a good time. You wouldn’t trust a novice to fix your car, would you? You go to a mechanic because he has the experience to get the job done right. The same holds true for your wedding DJ!
2. Hiring a DJ who does not have backup personnel or equipment. You arrive at your reception ready to get the party started, but where’s the DJ? Maybe they had an accident or the equipment was stolen. These types of incidents rarely happen, but they can and your entertainer must have a backup plan. Would they send a replacement DJ for you or quickly replace their equipment if something malfunctioned? Professional entertainers are able to manage these types of happenstance without alarming your guests.
3. Not sharing your wedding vision with your DJ. Since every couple has a different vision for the wedding, don’t leave it up to your wedding DJ to guess at your vision. A professional DJ will make arrangements to meet you before the big day to customize a package just for you. Of course, their experience will come into play and they’ll offer your some advice. But ultimately, the entertainment must be customized to your expectations.
4. Thinking the DJ’s only role is to play music. Your wedding DJ will do a lot more than just provide music. They are the glue that will pull the entire event together – making announcements when necessary and telling your guests what to do. This is why it’s important to choose an entertainment company, like NuImage Entertainment, with organization skills, personality, and experience.
5. Hiring a DJ with no experience or personality. Wedding professionals know how to work the crowd and ensure that everyone has a good time. They won’t lose their cool if something goes wrong and will play all the right music at the right time.

NuImage Entertainment is here to help with all of your wedding entertainment coordination to make sure none of these mistakes are made! If you ever have any questions during the planning process, we are happy to help and can be reached at (877) 683-9991 or


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