What’s Your Favorite Dance Move?



What’s your favorite wedding dance move? 

Here at NuImage Entertainment we love a good dance move… after all, it’s our job to get people moving and grooving all night long! Over the years we have seen some crazy dances and some classic dances. We’re breaking down some of our favorite dances today on the blog! The question is – what is your favorite dance move?

The Wobble:

The latest dance sensation to hit the floor!

The Cupid Shuffle:

Kinda corny, but we love it!  It’s bound to get your guests smiling and moving together!

Cotten Eyed Joe: 

Who doesn’t love a little country dance?!

The Dougie:

Shimmy here and shimmy there!

The running man:

This solo move will have you feeling like your living back int he 80’s!


Our favorite kind of dancing… listen to the beat and go with the flow!

We want know – what is your favorite dance move at a wedding? 

Need a great DJ to get your family and friends moving and grooving?  Contact the experts – NuImage Entertainment 


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