Tips for taking an affordable honeymoon

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At NuImage Entertainment we love everything about weddings and that includes taking a honeymoon. We all want to go on a glamorous and fabulous honeymoon, but lets face it, money may be tight after saying “I Do.” Celebrating your nuptials with your new husband or wife does’t have to break the bank to be special, memorable and unique.  Today we’re talking about some creative ideas that will have you dashing off to your honeymoon without throwing money out the window.

NuImage Entertainment Honeymooning Tips:

Travel Off-Season: You can always score great airline and hotel deals when you travel to locations off-season. Sure there may be a risk with weather, but who cares when you will be in the hotel room most of the time 😉

(explore the cheapest flights for your honeymoon HERE)

Stay-Cation:  Yes, you may not be jetting off on a place to a far away land but you’re getting the alone time with your sweetie… which is all that matters!  Book a hotel room in your a local city, get brunch, take in the sites and indulge in spa services to make it extra special.

(use and to find hotel and spa deals)

Rent a house over a hotel:  Renting a house is always a cheaper option for any vacation. By renting a house or apartment it allows you to cook a few meals, hence saving a lot of money.

(Our favorite websites for booking a apartment or house are Airbnb & VRBO)

Thanks for reading! We hope you found this post helpful!

Your friends at NuImage Entertainment


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