Holiday Wedding Ideas


The holiday season is RIGHT around the corner and personally we cannot wait for all the Christmas, Hanukah and New Year’s Eve themed weddings we will be DJing.  To celebrate this fun time of year we thought we would talk about some of our favorite holiday ideas that you can implement into your wedding.  Plus, we provide some killer uplighting for any holiday event, so have some experience in using lights during the holidays!

Unique Desserts: Who needs cake when guests can enjoy cookies and milk just like Santa does every Christmas Eve!


Festive Decor: One way to make it feel like the holidays is to deck out the tables and reception hall with tasteful holiday decorations! We love this look of bringing in some of the natural beauty of the outdoors inside. Plus, this is a great way to save money on decorations.

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Reusable Favors: We are LOVING these simple yet elegant ornament favors.  Very clever!  If you purchase them a year ahead of time you can probably find some great off-season deals.


DIY Table Center Pieces: It’s true… you can create beautiful and festive center pieces without breaking the bank.  The mason jars can be made by using glitter and Mod Podge glue, while the candle holders are simple enough to do it yourself.

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Uplighting: We truly believe that good uplighting can make a HUGE difference in your reception look and feel, especially if it’s during the holidays.  Adding some simple reds, blues, and possibly green could add some great ambiance to your special day.  You can learn more about our uplighting skills by clicking here.

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What holiday weddings have you been to lately? Anything interesting you have seen? Please share with us!

Happy Weekend,

The NuImage Team 


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