Client Spotlight – The Emersons

Emerson Wedding-165
Nuimage Entertainment – Client Spotlight  Kathy and Walter got married this past Summer at the gorgeous Ocean Edge Resort in Brewster, MA.  DJ Billy Powder provided the entertainment for their seaside nuptials as guests danced the night away.  We got a chance to chat further with bride, Kathy, about the decision making process to booking a DJ vs. a band and even got her advice for future brides-to-be.  Thanks for letting us be apart of your big day – we had a blast!

Keep reading to get an insider look at the planning process and what made their day so special – 

Q: How long did it take you to plan your wedding?
A: About a year, but we took our time and spread the planning out so as not to get overwhelmed.

Q: At what point in the planning did you decide to use a DJ vs. band?
A: We knew from the start that we wanted a DJ based on the vibe we wanted to have at our reception.

Q: Why did you choose a DJ vs. a band?
A: We chose a DJ due to the amount of variety of music we would have versus a band who typically stays in one genre.

Q: How did you hear about NuImage Entertainment?
A: My sister and two close friends hired NuImage for their weddings and we had a blast at each one.

Q: What was your favorite part about working with NuImage – before and during your wedding?
A: The whole contract process was extremely easy especially since NuImage’s prices were very reasonable and they offered many additional options that could be added up until right before our wedding, such that we were able to wait to see what the rest of our wedding budget looked like before adding uplighting a few months before and I’m so glad we did because it added some great colors to our pictures at the reception. During our wedding Billy made sure to keep us updated throughout the reception about what we were going to do next and continuously asked if there were any changes we wanted to make which there were based on time. Billy was so flexible and offered some great suggestions to get all the special moments we wanted to have and everything turned out perfectly!

Q: What were a few WOW moments from your big day?
A: One of my favorite moments was when Billy got all our guests out of their seats to kick off the dancing portion of our reception. My husband and I were at our sweetheart table and had a great view of all our favorite people in the world up and dancing around having such a great time with huge smiles on their faces, it’s a memory that I’ll never forget! And then dance floor was packed the entire night from that moment on, everyone kept coming up to us saying how much fun they were having 🙂 Billy also helped us modify the garter/bouquet toss to incorporate a special birthday surprise for our best man and the outcome was absolutely great!

Q: What is your advice for future brides?
A: While at your reception take a step back by yourself every now and then to just take it all in. I did and those are some of the best memories I could ever ask for that will forever be engrained in my mind.

Emerson Wedding-312
(Photos by Julie Young)
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