Why music makes a huge difference for any event!


Music or not?!

Over the years, I have had the pleasure of performing at thousands of weddings and other events. Very often, clients automatically think a DJ equals dancing. While we love to make people dance, the more important concept to think about is how music can move people and create an atmosphere completely different than without music. In fact, many clients over the years have hired us for a small event with as little as 25 guests or an after work corporate outing understanding the importance of creating an atmosphere with music.

In these situations, we still use our knowledge and experience to read our audience and program a sequence of music that put your guests in a much different mood than if you decided to host your event without music. Also, it is important to note that hiring a professional DJ that can assess your audience and choose each and every song based on their demographic and body language, can absolutely make a difference in the success of the party even though “dancing” may not be an option.

So do not be fooled that no matter how small your event may be or the reason for your gathering, that adding music can and will make your guests remember your event in a completely different way !

After all – “music is the universal language of the world!”

Check out the two letters we received from clients who decided to add music to their events – 

After 7 years without any entertainment at our pre- Marathon dinner for wounded Veterans in Boston we were lucky to have NuImage DJ the event for us this year. The difference in the atmosphere was amazing when compared to years past! Normally a fairly reserved evening that ends immediately after dinner, this year became more of a fun social evening just by having some well thought out background music. People hung around and socialized longer and actually were able to make some song requests as well. Having entertainment enhanced the evening for the team and their families and we happily asked NuImage to join us again next year!

– Jeremy Fucile, Achilles International Boston

The music ABSOLUTELY made a difference, in the entire atmosphere and feel of the event.  Several people remarked to me how much more ‘professional’ the entire banquet seemed — because of the small details like ‘traveling’ music as awardees took their 30 second walk to the podium.  Thirty seconds doesn’t sound like a long time, but it can seem like it when you’re an audience member just watching them do it.  Also, the addition of the music outside in the cocktail reception was an unexpected, but wonderful addition.  I never realized how stale an atmosphere we had at this banquet, until I experienced it with background music at the cocktail reception, and the musical inserts during the awards ceremony.  Also, usually, after the last speech people bolt for the door.  This time, they actually went to buy more drinks, and hung around talking and having fun.  Yes, there was no dancing, but there was definitely more energy, excitement and celebratory atmosphere than we’ve ever had before.

– Michelle Corrado – President. MA Society of Health-System Pharmacists  (MSHP)

Thanks for reading,

Peter Acolla & The NuImage Team!



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