10 Tips for a Succesful Summer Wedding

Photo by: Dragonflyshots.com

Photo by: Dragonflyshots.com

Here at NuImage Entertainment we have been lucky enough to attend and DJ many summer weddings over the years.  Every season comes with its own level of risks, and the summer season is no exception. To help make sure your summer wedding goes off without any issues we’re sharing ten tips to help avoid any summer wedding breakdowns! Check out our tips below:

1. Choose an indoor-outdoor location. If you haven’t already booked your site, look for a reception site that offers indoor and outdoor party areas. This way, your guests can decide where they want to spend their time. If you have older or pregnant guest, this is particularly crucial. Additionally, having an indoor space available provides you the opportunity to move your reception inside if the weather takes a turn for the worst!
2. Wear a summer wedding gown made of lighter fabric, such as cotton organdy, chiffon, crepe, or silk. These fabrics will help you avoid swear stains, especially if you are wearing a tight gown. For men, choose a tuxedo fabric that breathes with an open-backed vest.
3. Pay close attention to the shoes you choose to wear. Go for style and function with a thicker heel that won’t sink into the grass. Also be cautious of shoes made of materials such as suede that you may not want to get wet from the grass outside.
4.Take advantage of natural shade. Ask the site manager to arrange seats and tables under the shade of trees, or with big table umbrellas to offer a cooler outside seating spot for your guests.
5. Be aware that your site may provide metal chairs for the ceremony or outdoor seating. Metal chairs can heat up and become very hot to the touch when outside. Plan to provide sear cushions or fabric slip covers for your guests’ seats. You don’t want your guests burning their butts!
6. Provide sunscreen and cooling agents for your guests. Set a spray bottle of high-SPF sunscreen and some paper or battery-run fans at each table. If your guests are willing to sit in the sun for you, that’s the least you can do!
7. Serve lots of ice water in stylish glasses with pretty slices of lemon, lime or orange. Who says your water can’t coordinate with your wedding colors? Fresh, ice-cold water is a must for a summer wedding.
8. Add frozen drinks to your bar menu. If the water doesn’t solve the heat issue, then these sure will. A summer wedding is a great excuse to offer some fun and unique drinks!
9. Make sure that the caterer stores all seafood, cheeses, and meats in super-cooled serving dishes, and that they keep replacing sun-warmed condiments with cooler, fresher supplies. Better safe than sorry as they say!
10. Keep your cake safe from mosquitos and from melting in the sun by asking the site staff to keep your cake in the refrigerator for the majority of the reception. This way, it will be fresh and cool when it’s time to cut the cake.

We hope you enjoyed our tips! Check out our website to learn more about our DJ & up-lighting services.


The NuImage Team


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