A night we will never forget!

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“A night we will never forget!” – NuImage couple, Nicole & James


Amazing Review From Adele


“Your search is finally over ladies .. Peter is the most amazing DJ i have ever met! We still have guests telling us what an amazing time they had at our wedding, and we owe it all to Peter! He really knew how to get everyone on the dance floor, including all of the Italians ūüôā .. He loves what he does and it really shows! He was extremely helpful throughout the entire wedding process! Don’t hesitate, as I booked him TWO years before my wedding because I knew how amazing he was! And I was not disappointed!!!!” NuImage Bride – Adele ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†www.Nuimagedj.com¬†

The NuImage Lounge Recap

Last Thursday we hosted our 2nd NuImage Lounge Wedding Event at Bella Sera Bridal & Occasions in Danvers, MA.  We couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome of the event. Everyone from our vendors to our models to the attendees had an outstanding time. We appreciate everyones support and enthusiasm as we grow this unique concept.

Stay tuned for more details on our 3rd NuImage Lounge Wedding Event coming this Fall. For now, please check out all our beautiful photos below, many taken by the talented Adriano Batti Photography.

Learn more about us at http://www.nuimagedj.com

Thanks, Peter & The NuImage Team!

Our Top 5 DIY Wedding Crafts For 2015

DIY crafts are popping up everywhere, especially in the wedding industry. If you’re crafty with the paint brush¬†you just may need to add a few of these projects to your ¬†wedding to-do list. ¬†Here are our top 5 DIY crafts that we’re loving for their simplicity, beauty and price!

Adding A Pop of Gold:  Pick up a can of spray paint and boom you add glamour to your reception!


Check out this blog post to learn more great ways to easily add gold into your decor with just a little spray paint!

Adding Sparkle: The use of glitter is always a good idea!


Check out this blog post to learn how to make these festive branches!

Festive Silverware: Why rent expensive china when you can add a pop of color (and fun) to your dinner!


Check out this blog post to learn how to make these yourself!

Jazzing Up Your Accessories: Now,  your $15 payless shoes can look like more like J.Crew!


Check out this blog post to learn how to make your wedding day shoes fancy!

Using Chalk Paint:  We love that this DIY craft is reusable over and over again!


Check out this blog post to learn how to make this yourself!

What DIY crafts are you working on or have you done for your big day!

Have a great day,

The NuImage Team

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Holiday Wedding Ideas


The holiday season is RIGHT around the corner and personally we cannot wait for all the¬†Christmas, Hanukah and New Year’s Eve themed weddings we will be DJing. ¬†To celebrate this fun time of year we thought we would talk about some of our favorite holiday ideas that you can implement into your wedding. ¬†Plus, we provide some killer uplighting for any holiday event, so have some experience in using lights during the holidays!

Unique Desserts: Who needs cake when guests can enjoy cookies and milk just like Santa does every Christmas Eve!


Festive Decor: One way to make it feel like the holidays is to deck out the tables and reception hall with tasteful holiday decorations! We love this look of bringing in some of the natural beauty of the outdoors inside. Plus, this is a great way to save money on decorations.

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Reusable Favors: We are LOVING these simple yet elegant ornament favors.  Very clever!  If you purchase them a year ahead of time you can probably find some great off-season deals.


DIY Table Center Pieces: It’s true… you can create¬†beautiful and festive center pieces without breaking the bank. ¬†The mason jars can be made by using glitter and Mod Podge glue, while the candle holders are simple¬†enough to do it yourself.

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Uplighting:¬†We truly believe that good uplighting can make a HUGE difference in your reception¬†look and feel, especially if it’s during the holidays. ¬†Adding some simple reds, blues, and possibly green could add some great ambiance to your special day. ¬†You can learn more about our uplighting skills by clicking here.

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What holiday weddings have you been to lately? Anything interesting you have seen? Please share with us!

Happy Weekend,

The NuImage Team 

Tips for taking an affordable honeymoon

Honeymoo tips-01

At NuImage Entertainment we love everything about weddings and that includes taking a honeymoon. We all want to go on a glamorous and fabulous honeymoon, but lets face it, money may be tight after saying “I Do.” Celebrating your nuptials with your new husband or wife does’t have to break the bank to be special, memorable and unique. ¬†Today we’re talking about some creative¬†ideas that will have you dashing off to your¬†honeymoon without throwing money out the window.

NuImage Entertainment Honeymooning Tips:

Travel Off-Season: You can always score great airline and hotel deals when you travel to locations off-season. Sure there may be a risk with weather, but who cares when you will be in the hotel room most of the time ūüėČ

(explore the cheapest flights for your honeymoon HERE)

Stay-Cation: ¬†Yes, you¬†may not be jetting off on a place to a far away land but you’re getting the alone time with your sweetie… which is all that matters! ¬†Book a hotel room in your a local city,¬†get¬†brunch, take in the sites and indulge in spa services to make it extra special.

(use groupon.com and livingsocial.com to find hotel and spa deals)

Rent a house over a hotel:  Renting a house is always a cheaper option for any vacation. By renting a house or apartment it allows you to cook a few meals, hence saving a lot of money.

(Our favorite websites for booking a apartment or house are Airbnb & VRBO)

Thanks for reading! We hope you found this post helpful!

Your friends at NuImage Entertainment

What’s Your Favorite Dance Move?



What’s your favorite wedding dance move?¬†

Here at NuImage Entertainment we love a good dance move… after all, it’s our job to get people moving and grooving all night long! Over the years we have seen some crazy dances and some classic dances. We’re breaking down some of our favorite dances today on the blog! The question is – what is your favorite dance move?

The Wobble:

The latest dance sensation to hit the floor!

The Cupid Shuffle:

Kinda¬†corny, but we love it! ¬†It’s bound to get your guests smiling and moving together!

Cotten Eyed Joe: 

Who doesn’t love a little country dance?!

The Dougie:

Shimmy here and shimmy there!

The running man:

This solo move will have you feeling like your living back int he 80’s!


Our favorite kind of dancing… listen to the beat and go with the flow!

We want know Рwhat is your favorite dance move at a wedding? 

Need a great DJ to get your family and friends moving and grooving?  Contact the experts РNuImage Entertainment 

Vendor Feature: Bharat Parmar Photography



NuImage has been in the industry for over 25 years, needless to say we have met and worked ¬†SO many great vendors over the years. ¬†We are excited to share these wonderful vendors with everyone and this month we are talking with the¬†¬†fabulous Bharat Parmar Photography out of Stoneham, MA. ¬† We have worked with this talented photographer at so many weddings and let’s just say “we make a great team!” We got a chance to ask owner, Bharat Parmar, a few questions of our own… check out the interview below (and his gorgeous portfolio)

Our Interview:

Q: How long have you been a photographer for:

A: I have been a full time photographer for 14 years

Q: What do you love most about shooting weddings?

A: What I love most about a wedding is being the one that is chosen to capture that couple’s most important day in their lives so far. I also love the fact that a wedding is a day where everyone is so happy. With all of the craziness in the world, we need more days to celebrate!

Q: What is your “I have to get this shot” at any wedding?

A: My ‚ÄúI have to get this shot‚ÄĚ at a wedding is definitely the groom‚Äôs face, when he first sees the bride. I try to make my photos unique by seeing things from a slightly different angle or perspective. I am also a natural light shooter-I use flash only when necessary.

Q: How long have you known NuImage Entertainment?

A: I have worked with Nuimage for many weddings. I don’t have an exact count but bet it is in the hundreds.

Q: What is your best advice you can give to a bride and groom?

A: My biggest piece of advice to a couple is to let loose, have fun and enjoy the moment-take a little time to separate yourselves and enjoy the few moments you may have alone.

PS. This talented guy has won so many awards we’re losing track! ¬†Voted ‚ÄúBest Of‚ÄĚ by the Knot 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 – named to the Knot’s “Hall of Fame” 2014 – ¬†Wedding Wire ‚ÄúBrides Choice‚ÄĚ award winner 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014

Check Out His Work:

10562702_758039750903849_2260730923315169471_o 10560428_743290812378743_6099828344042629509_o 10321131_746762135364944_5290467769680786125_o 1980021_732176256823532_4115678573370076425_o


Keep up the great work! 


Make sure to checkout his Facebook Page and website to for more info on this talented  photographer!

The NuImage Team!