A view from the Sky !

NuImage Filmmaker Colby Thompson is on the cutting edge –

As wedding videos have progressed in the last decade I’ve noticed the stylistic changes that have been happening. Back when I used to edit on this old silver box the size of a printer called a KRON, basically an analogue editing machine but in the digital world, I remember cutting together videos that were very moment to moment, put to Claire de Lune and spanning two hours or more. These were the videos I knew even as I was editing them that only the bride or groom would ever watch, maybe their curious kids in the future, but the audience of these videos was small… kind of like a homemade summer vacation video.

In the couple of years what’s important to most people has changed. Folks like to share there experiences with friends and family they have more access to, and as the perception of what is an acceptable amount of time to spend on something in a digital space has shortened, so too have wedding videos. This is why Peter and I designed this wedding video package. Something that newlyweds can put on the Facebook or email to a friend. Something easily accessible and enjoyable. And with shortening the duration of the video the amount of time I can put into creating shots and setting up sliders or other dynamic elements has grown exponentially. Today I’m even more excited about the technology that’s allowed me to capture what would have cost tens of thousands of dollars only five years ago; aerial footage. With my four rotor copter and 4K resolution camera, I can set a scene or record a critical moment in a wedding day in a way that was inconceivable what feels like yesterday.

Check our new aerial wedding demo from a wedding I shot in early June with NuImage Entertainment! Talk to Peter if you’d like me to bring my drone along to your wedding and grab some breathtaking coverage of your day!


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